Thank you to all our past and present supporters

Rowena Petrie

Director of Royston Petrie Seeds Pty Ltd
Vice president of the Australian Seed Federation
Councillor of the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW

Rowena Petrie is currently Vice President of the Australian Seed Federation, the peak industry body for the Australian seed industry at the local, state, national and international level.  She is also a councillor of the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW, and is also a director at Royston Petrie Seeds Pty Ltd, a family owned seed business established in 1976 which grows, harvests and supplies clean, traceable, reliable seeds to customers throughout Australia and Internationally.
As a leading expert in the seed industry, Rowena Petrie is passionate about sharing her knowledge and engaging with the community on all issues associated with, horticulture, agriculture, sustainability and in particular educating and supporting the next generation of growers.

Rowena Petrie supports the Be SEEDsational campaign and believes that children, and their education, play a vital role in shaping our future.

Distinguished Academic

BA Hons and PhD from University of New South Wales, Graduate Diploma of Management from Central Queensland University, Master of Commercial Law from Deakin University.

Professor Elizabeth More is currently the Chief Academic Officer ST Study Group  Australia. She is a former Deputy Vice-Chancellor at Macquarie and Canberra universities, a former member of the Boards of the National Institute of Dramatic Art, and the Sydney Dance Company, and a former Councillor for the Australia Institute of Company Directors NSW.  She is currently Chair of the Board of Flourish Australia.

As a distinguished academic and a former classical ballet dancer in theatre and television, she has a wealth of experience across many areas including the education and entertainment sectors. Her passions extend to include animal welfare, arts and culture, education, the environment and human rights.

Professor Elizabeth More supports Be SEEDstional and believes that the work undertaken by the organisation is helping to develop a better future for all, aligning with many of her own causes. She also acknowledges the role that children play in shaping the future, and the importance of ensuring high quality education for children in their academic and extra-curricular areas.

Professor More supports the message contained within the 'Seasonal Warriors:  Discover the Magic' graphic novel and within the wider Be SEEDsational campaign.


Director - Sydney's leading independent schools                                                     University mentor of young teachers

Simone Cooke is an experienced Principal who holds a Bachelor’s degree in early childhood education and has extensive experience as Head of Early Learning at several of Sydney’s leading Independent schools.

Simone is a strong supporter of Be SEEDsational, as she is passionate about the critical role of embedding sustainable practices and environmental responsibility into children’s everyday educational programmes. Simone believes that Be SEEDsational’s innovative and  edutainment programme utilises an effective blend of technology, sustainability and interactivity to engage in meaningful ways with a new generation of ‘seasonal warriors’.  

Simone understands the importance of active involvement in learning and believes that Be SEEDsational’s messages of healthy eating, personal well being and sustainability, presented through an interactive and engaging forum, resonates with young children, inspiring them to become advocates for conservation and sustainability.

In her role as University mentor of young teachers, Simone believes that it is important that educators are constantly encouraged to find new and varied ways of building communities of involved learners through experiential learning. Be SEEDsational creates these opportunities for sustainability to become a shared-practice concern that promotes a deeper engagement and respect for ourselves and the world around us.

Dr Lorne Butt

PHD in management from Macquarie University

BSC (hons) in biological and biomedical sciences from University of Technology Sydney

MBA (quality management) from Charles Sturt University

Acting manager for policy and governance department

Alongside her impressive academic credentials from several universities, Dr Butt also holds a Diploma of Carbon Management from the North Metropolitan TAFE and a Graduate Certificate of Higher Education Learning and Teaching at Deakin University.

Dr Butt is a senior manager experienced in delivering change-oriented initiatives in large, geographically dispersed organisations. With a keen interest in sustainability practice, education and research, Lorne has worked in the public, private and higher education sectors for over 15 years across areas including corporate governance, strategic planning, project management, Ecological Sustainability Coordination, analytics, quality management and audit, risk management, management in planning and performance, and work health and safety.

Dr Butt is a Fellow of the Australia New Zealand Institute of Managers and Leaders, and holds membership of the:

• British Academy of Management
• Australia New Zealand Academy of Management
• Australian Association of Environmental Educators
• Association for Sustainability in Business

Dr Butt is a strong supporter of the key messages supporting seasonal eating and healthy lifestyles in the 'Be SEEDsational' campaign.

MIKE PARISH - Industry Specialist   

Director at Healthy Soils Australia                                                                                Director at Dubbo Health Food                                                                                    Senior Advisor at Resource Consulting Services

Mike is one of the pioneering leaders of regenerative agriculture in Australia. He has expertise in growing productive, profitable agricultural businesses within regenerative landscapes.

Mike was born and raised on the land. He has had over 20 years experience managing agricultural properties, including broad acre farming, beef and sheep production, viticulture, irrigation and organic farming. Mike’s land management changed dramatically after completing the RCS Grazing For Profit course in 1993, and then Savory/Holistic Management training in 1995. For the following 13 years, Mike managed agricultural enterprises using holistic management principles, developing several properties into certified organic operations.

Now, and for the last 18 years, Mike has been an educator, consultant and facilitator for Resource Consulting Services (RCS). RCS is Australia’s leading private provider of holistically-integrated education, training and advisory services to the agricultural sector, both nationally and internationally. Mike has a passion for biological / regenerative agriculture and the vital role it plays in human health. Over the past two decades, he has travelled to many countries in the world studying regenerative agriculture and spoken internationally. Mike, along with his wife Kathy, is also the owner of a health food store in Dubbo.

For the last 13 years, as a Director of Healthy Soils Australia, Mike has been instrumental in guiding the development of how to commercialise innovative land regeneration strategies.

Lisa Gill - Change Specialist

Director at Asia Pacific Finance                                                                                    Treasurer for the AUSCAM                                                                                            Chair of the CPA NSW SME Committee

Lisa Gill is an important and integrated part of the community who handles international affairs while also giving back to the Australian community.

She is currently the Asia Pacific Finance Director leading teams in Australia and Japan for ACN Pacific a privately owned US multinational and has an extensive career as a C suite finance specialist.

Furthermore, Lisa is a GAICD and experienced NED, currently treasurer for the AUSCAM Freedom Project an Australian based charity working with at risk girls in Cambodia, against anti trafficking, poverty, and promotion of education.

Lisa also speaks thoroughly on the importance of successful data analysis and cyber events through her role as the chair of the CPA NSW SME committee and a member of the CPA COE for Ethics and professional standards. 

Finally, Lisa is passionate about giving back, in addition to her CPA work, she works as a mentor throughout Sydney’s Universities and TAFE, is a judge Australian Small Business Awards, and is currently working towards her PhD at WSU, her thesis focused on the impact of Digitalisation on Small Business in Australia.