Alongside the Be SEEDsational Campaign, the 'Seasonal Warriors' book series and 'Yummy Tractors' short story were developed as engaging stories that let kids and their parents become involved in the healthy eating movement together.

Discover the Magic & Unleash the Power

The magical 'Seasonal Warriors' series is an exciting graphic novel story, filled with educational themes of balanced eating, self-identity, discovery and change.  The first instalment in the series, 'Seasonal Warriors:  Discover the Magic' is topped with real parsley seeds to nurture and grow with the whole family.

'Seasonal Warriors: Discover the Magic' and 'Seasonal Warriors: Unleash the Power' were developed in a unique style, combining the best of manga and highly illustrated styles,with direct links to the Australian Curriculum for primary school children, and they were first published in 2015 and 2017 respectively.

Pick Up a Seasonal Warriors Book to:

  • Become the seed of change

  • Create a healthy & balanced lifestyle

  • Support charity organisations

  • Learn to look after the Earth and practice sustainability

  • Plant & grow your own parsley at home

  • Design your own seasonal garden

Yummy Times Group's Founder, Anne Roze, recently met with Dion Woo, Vice President of the NSW Chapter of the Hong Kong Australia Business Association, who reached out to discuss all the things SEEDsational. 

Dion Woo was very impressed to learn that the Be SEEDsational campaign and publications are targeting Chinese-speaking communities as well as English-speaking ones. As Anne says, health does not discriminate - and, clearly, neither does Be SEEDsational! 

In this video, Anne discusses what 'Be SEEDsational' means, and shares some insights into her own inspiration and motivation.

Junior Heroes: Seasonal Collection

Junior Heroes is an illustrated introduction to fresh produce, exploring the seasonality and origins of over 100 fruits and vegetables in a simple format suitable for even the youngest of children to begin learning about where food comes from. A colourful and visually-stimulating read for young children either alone or alongside their parents, this book provides a treasure trove of information about fruits, vegetables, plants and seasons that children and families will be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. It is ideal for children who are learning to read and would like to explore the world around them with plenty of help from clear depictions.

Yummy Tractors

The short, illustrated moral story explores values and attitudes in a unique way that is perfect for starting a conversation with children and encouraging them to think about what things mean to them as individuals.

When you and your child delve into the Yummy Tractors world, you can explore how to live healthily and sustainably, and discuss the importance of pursuing goals and aspirations, regardless of what others think.  You can bond together over the vibrant imagery and feel encouraged to stay motivated, respect elders, and most importantly, never give up!



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Yummy Dishes ™ and Yummy Taste ™

We are on the lookout for restaurants and food providers that share our vision of healthy eating. From healthy and seasonable experiences in restaurants and eateries to local markets all around Australia, and any locally produced sustainability focused products, we are here to support you.

Please contact us to be selected as a food provider, restaurant, fruit and vegetable market, supermarket, hotel, farmer, and shopping centre, or sustainable organisation to form our list of participating businesses and organisations.

We are supporting and empowering businesses and organisations to attract health conscious consumers.  

This platform seeks third-party verification from industry professionals and reputable sources, namely Accredited Practicing Dietitians and Nutritionists following the Australian Dietary Guidelines released by NHMRC (National Health and Medical Research Council).

  • Sustainability Practices

  • Dietary Intake

  • Locally Sourced Fresh Ingredients

  • Balance of Nutrients

  • Health

The ‘Yummy Stars Advocate System’ is an effective communication tool to help consumers make wiser choices when eating out and buying new products and services. Anyone can have access to healthy dishes and offers from any restaurant in a user-friendly online platform. 

Yummie is our communication and narrator ambassador through various media and publications. He is a character with numerous practical traits and magical abilities. Start your journey with Yummy Tractor and Seasonal Warriors series.