Sydney Morning Herald Schools Summit 2024

Be SEEDsational had the privilage of attending the Sydney Morning Herald Schools Summit. 

It was a brilliant oppurtunity to meet with leaders from schools across the country and discuss the oportunities for the future of schooling in Australia. The Be SEEDsational team is proud to have attended this event, and connected with principals and representatives from schools, who share the same vision of broadening the clasroom and surpassing boundaries through interactive EDUtainment™.

We extend our gratitude to the Sydney Morning Herald for hosting us, and we look forward to more oppurtunities in the future!

Seasonal Warriors @ The North Sydney Living Futures Festival

Be SEEDsational Sawing Seeds of Sustainability at the North Sydney Living Futures Festival on 29th of October 2023

Imagine a sunny Sunday on October 29th at The Coal Loader in North Sydney, where sustainability meets excitement in a whirlwind of fun and learning. The North Sydney Living Futures Sustainability Festival, a celebration of eco-conscious living, left us at Be SEEDsational thrilled and inspired.

Yummie and his Seasonal Warriors stole the show, igniting the allocated area with dynamic dance performances. Kids joined in, moving to the songs of the Seasonal Warriors Stage Show After some impressive dance moves and superhero poses, Yummie and the Seasonal Warriors explained their young audience that not only could they be healthier by staying active, but they could also embrace a more sustainable and seasonal lifestyle.

Living Futures Website -

Oz Comic Con 2023 - Third Year by Popular Demand!

The 23rd and 24th of September marked a significant milestone in the Yummie's Heroes journey as we ventured to the Sydney Showground for the annual Oz Comic Con convention.

This year's event was nothing short of exhilarating, with numerous families eagerly participating in our Yummie's Heroes performance workshop and immersing themselves in our captivating graphic novels and unique merchandise.

The Be SEEDsational team proudly considers Oz Comic Con 2023 a resounding success, as we shared Yummie's message of healthy, seasonal eating with all the enthusiastic families who attended the conference.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Oz Comic Con and eagerly anticipate reuniting with you in future endeavors!

Yummie's Heroes Performance & workshop

Yummie's Heroes Performance and Workshop is an edutainment event that teaches families about health and wellbeing through an engaging medium.

What a great event in Lane Cove! 

Hundreds of people turned up.

Yummie enjoyed meeting many families and supporting the Lane Cove Festival 2023 together while learning about health, wellbeing, and sustainability.

Thank you Lane Cove families and we can't wait to see you again in the future!

JDRF One Walk Celebration Event

Yummie and the Seasonal Warriors had the honour of attending the JDRF One Walk Celebration Event.

During the event, the team got to run seasonal and healthy performances for children and families while also letting people delve into crafts.

The celebration allowed Yummie to spread his important message about seasonal eating, cooking and living thus leading to an impressive turnout for Be SEEDsational.

We are always happy to support important causes like JDRF!

Oz Comic Con 2022

The 24rd and 25th of September marked an important time in the Seasonal Warriors timeline as we travelled to the Sydney Showground for the annual Oz Comic Con convention. It was an extremely fulfilling event with many families participating in the Seasonal Warriors workshop and indulging themselves in our graphic novels and assorted items.

The Seasonal Warriors see Oz Comic Con 2022 as a massive success with Yummie's message of healthy, seasonal eating being spread to all the attending families at the conference. Thank you Oz Comic Con and we can't wait to see you again in the future!

Rural Aid

Thanks so much for your continuing efforts in support of Rural Aid. Your generosity is sincerely appreciated and continues to make a difference.

 This year in addition to the disaster support Rural Aid has provided, the charity has expanded its mental wellbeing team by appointing 10 additional counsellors.

Droughts, floods and mice plagues come and go but their legacy is a nation of producers made more fragile mentally and increasingly requiring the support of a farmer specific wellbeing service like that offered by Rural Aid.

The work that Rural Aid does would not be possible without the generous support of people like yourself.

John Warlters | CEO

Customer Thank You

Thank you for this wonderful production!

This production was exceptional from the before show entertainment until the photo opportunity after the show. It was an excellent way to teach important life and environmental messages through a fun and engaging medium. I took my 4 kids along who range in age from 4 - 19 years. Two of my children have autism with one of my sons having significant functional impacts. Despite these difficulties all of my children, myself and my mother who is in her mid 60s all had a blast and learnt heaps.

Thanks so much!


Oz Comic-Con(2019/2021)

During the 5th and 6th of December, Yummie was fortunate enough to be invited to Oz Comic-Con, one of the biggest comic and pop culture conventions in Australia and help celebrate the values of healthy eating and sustainability, through song, dance and most importantly, fun! Yummie had an out of this world time with everyone who came around to our stall. Over the course of the day, there was a lot of waving, dancing and exploring many of the other booths; and of course, many photos taken with some seed-sational costumes.

Yummie was also lucky enough to have run a workshop with the help of the amazing and super talented seasonal warriors, bringing the magic and fun of living seasonably to the stage! Together with a crowd of excited children, they played a plethora of fun games, partook in some fun activities, and joined in a bunch of dances. Yummie was incredibly excited to give the kids plenty of gifts, such as sunflower seeds, generously gifted by Rowston Petrie seeds and an activity sheet that could fold into a hat. The seasonal warriors also made sure to tie in all the fun to the importance of seasonal eating and living and how simple and fun it can be to live seasonably.

ARA Darling Quarter Theatre Invitation

Be SEEDsational and the Seasonal Warriors were generously invited to the ARA Darling Quarter Theatre to present the 'Discover the Magic' show.

The entire experience was a massive success and saw many positive reviews from those that attended!

Seasonal Warriors - Be SEEDsational Campaign

30 minutes performances success!

This project is proudly supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW

Seasonal Warriors Magic

Everyone is staying home at the moment, but the Seasonal Warriors are still working hard and planning their next magical moves!

There will be plenty of events and chances to meet Yummie, Jan, April, June and Novelle later this year!

Watch out for our musical performances and events in your town to discover the magic, unleash the power, and learn a thing or two about seasonal eating, balanced lifestyles, wellbeing and sustainability along the way.

In the meantime, enjoy some of our original songs, explore our website for helpful resources, stay safe and stay active!

Visit to Premier Sydney Radio Stations

Be SEEDsational and the Seasonal Warriors was invited to the premier Sydney Radio offices to spread the word about Yummy's Vision. 

While there we got a tour of their offices and learnt about how their products are made.

Having the opportunity to teach people about Yummy's vision was a once in a lifetime, invaluable experience for Be SEEDsational and the Seasonal Warriors.

Chatswood Street Fair

The Chatswood street fair was a special day for everyone at Be SEEDsational and the opportunity to march through Chatswood for an important cause was very fulfilling.

With Yummy and Novelle there to participate in the parade, we were able to spread a lot of awareness for Yummy's vision and the betterment of our planet.

Northside Radio Collaboration

The founder of Be SEEDsational, Anne Roze, and our fabulous ambassador, Professor Elizabeth More, met with Lisa Eisman from Northside Radio for a chat about what the Be SEEDsational campaign is all about, where you can find us, and how you can get involved!

Anne and Elizabeth had a fantastic time with Lisa, and it was great to be able to explain what inspired the whole campaign and why it’s so important not only for Australians, but for people from all backgrounds, and that’s why there is such a strong focus on providing multi-lingual resources.

Some of the energetic songs that we’ve made as part of the campaign, including 'Move Seasonably' and 'Yummie’s Mission' also got a chance to be showcased in the interview, so we hope you enjoy them! If you’d like to hear more, look out for upcoming workshops, events or other performances, right here on our website so you can get involved in the healthy movement!

Nutrition Workshops

Eat and live seasonably!
Join our educational fun workshops held as part of the Be SEEDsational campaign, based on the 'Seasonal Warriors:  Discover the Magic' children’s graphical novel supported by businesses across a range of industries, to address both local health outcomes for Australians, and global issues such as obesity, food availability, sustainability, and food wastage.

Move seasonably with our song and dance routines!
Also held at our Be SEEDsational workshops are song and dance routines which incorporate many of our original songs, all including key messages of eating, living and moving seasonably and healthily to encourage long-term well-being! A key hit is the "Move Seasonably" song, which the Yummy Times team has performed publicly as well, and is all about moving seasonably to help foster physical and mental health! Kids can sing and dance to these songs alongside our educators and lovable mascot, Yummie!

With a small stand for our book presentation, students were also given the opportunity to enter our ‘Win-a-Book’ competition. Yummy Times Group’s newly published book, is aimed to be an entertaining, yet educational tool to help growing children lead healthy lifestyles. It is the first volume in the series ‘Seasonal Warriors’, a compelling tale of magical discoveries revolving around educational themes of sustainability, healthy eating and self-identity.

As part of the event, the students took part in hands-on activities and numerous exhibits to learn about various aspects of farming and food production, to support and raise awareness for healthy lifestyles and fresh produce. With such a beautiful and educational message, Yummy Times Group couldn’t be a prouder contributor of the Sydney Royal Easter Show 2016. Yummy Times Group is proud to be a part of this exciting event together with the following exhibitors including Woolworths, Nestle Healthy Active Kids, AIS, Sydney Water and Ozharvest.

The Annual Royal Easter Show

The annual Royal Easter Show held at Sydney Showground is always a highlight of the year, ever since the first show in 1823. A prestigious event that brings together agricultural themes, rural country vibes, and loads of amusement park fun, this two week long affair is always highly anticipated by everyone old and young.

This year, Yummy Times Group was honoured to be a part of this grand event, and was a special part of the Preview for Primary Schools on Wednesday 16 March 2016. Our adorable team mascot Yummie was delighted to meet the 700 primary school students that were lucky enough to get entry into the limited event. The students, teachers, and volunteers were all cheerfully greeted by Yummie and the team, and were even invited to sing-a-long to the ‘Be SEEDsational: It’s Your Time’ with the mascot! The school children readily took up the challenge, and sang an admirable performance to their peers.