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Let's enact long term change

Be SEEDsational is on a mission to make the next generation healthier and more sustainable through seasonal eating habits. With the support of you and the community, we believe our vision can be met and exceeded with long term, beneficial change being created.

Join our cause to make our futures brighter!

 Be SEEDsational is a social enterprise focused on changing how the next generation approaches sustainability in everyday life. Through the use of edutainment solutions such as performances, books and multilingual mediums, Be SEEDsational teaches children values such as growing their own fruits, vegetables and herbs, healthy eating habits and managing food waste. Furthermore, through our interactive programs children and their families can experience the immense benefits and pleasures of a sustainable lifestyle as they continue to grow.

Be SEEDsational is a company focused on the future. We are here to make it brighter, and more sustainable.

Our magical musical brings sustainability and well-being to the stage when a struggling farmer meets four heroes seeking the knowledge to tackle global issues. Newly empowered by ‘Yummie’, the Guardian of Seedarious, the girls need help to fend off the evil ‘Ecorrosion’, who wants to unravel the very fabric of reality!

Bringing these beloved characters from the novels to life, this production encourages children to play their part in living sustainably through song, dance and MAGIC!

This fun, fantastical show is the perfect mix of education and entertainment – EDUTAINMENT! – and is a magical adventure suitable for children and their families.

"With every note, every brushstroke and play,
Our sponsors' support lights the creative way.
In the symphony of gratitude, their names stand tall,
Champions of the arts, we thank you all"  AR.

Thank you to all our Supporters for your contributions!

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