About Our Social Enterprise

From SEED to PLATE ~ From PLATE to PLAY™

From SEED to PLATE ~ From PLATE to PLAY™
"Growing seeds and sharing stories through interactive EDUtainment™,   inspiring and nurturing kid's wellbeing and love for sustainability."

Be SEEDsational’s mission is to motivate and educate positive environmental lifestyles and healthy habits amongst children through interactive, world-class edutainment experiences for wellness and sustainability. Our purpose is enabling an accessible, engaging method teaching healthy habits to universal audiences.

Our Commitment to Environmental, Social, and

Corporate Governance

Be SEEDsational believes that forming our operations around the above three pillars will lead to extremely positive outcomes for the wider community and the general global business landscape. 

Environmentally, Be SEEDsational's educational resources allows children and families to learn about seasonal eating, and the value of ascertaining the nutritional contents of food when eating out. Furthermore, our commitment to teaching families how to grow their own fruits and vegetables leads to greater sustainability in individual lives and wider communities. Another aspect of Be SEEDsational, championing for environmental governance, is through our partnership with Royston Petrie Seeds. Our partnership allows us to spread the joy of planting shrubs, small plants, and trees with the community, thus leading to denser tree cover in the long term, and hence better sustainability. Overall, Be SEEDsational is entrenched in the quest for global sustainability, seeking to enhance global health and wellbeing through education, demonstrations, and workshops for children, families, and educators.

Socially, we understand that individual change is not enough to truly impact our society, and hence seek to positively change the lives of local communities so that our lessons can then spread to wider and global communities. True societal change takes time, but we are here for the long run. With every family positively affected after our performances and workshops, or even simply after reading the books from our Seasonal Warriors series, we truly believe we will reach a point of social governance that is wholistic and positive for health, wellbeing, and sustainability!

Our environmental and social focus leans heavily onto our corporate governance. We strive to make every aspect of our operations ethical, efficient and green. By implementing practices that we are proud of, from the very start, we have achieved a level of operation that is able to genuinely impact many lives for the better. We hope to continue to improve as we grow seeds and share stories through interactive EDUtainment™,   inspiring and nurturing kid's wellbeing and love for sustainability.

Our Story

Seasonal Warriors: Be SEEDsational is a multilingual edutainment campaign focused on helping children, families, and educators develop healthy eating habits and lifestyles.

In a forgotten age, after the big bang, four mystical planets emerged in a hidden corner of the universe, only known as the galaxy of Seedarious. Yummie, the lovable galactic chef, was the guardian of them, protecting them from harm. He watched over the planets for millennia, until they eventually erupted and showered the world with seasonal magic. He now looks for exceptional people to be empowered with seasonal magic and help him defend the cosmos from Eccorrosion, looking to use the magic to unravel the very fabric of reality.

The Seasonal Warriors: Be SEEDsational campaign is a social enterprise that consists of a variety of interactive activities to help empower kids and adults alike with the knowledge on how to live sustainability, including an ongoing stage performance, interactive workshops and a graphic novel series. Our worldwide campaign encourages people to grow their own fruits and vegetables, or endorse local farmers and products who do so. Our passion for sustainability and discussing social issues translates to all kinds of ages, ethnicities and backgrounds as our aim is to help the youth pass on their knowledge to older generations and vice versa. In doing so, we are creating a medium that helps us achieve the universal goal of health and wellbeing, with extremely positive impacts on all global communities.

You can help us out by signing up to our newsletter to get involved with the campaign, participating in our local workshops, attending our Seasonal Warriors campaigns, reading the graphic novel series of the same name, and having a look at Yummie’s Marketplace, for merchandise and more!

Our Founder

“Implement and exercise sustainable lifestyles strategies to live well for longer” - Anne Roze

My name is Anne Roze and I am the CEO of  Be SEEDsational.

My passion for art,chemistry, technology, and food production began at the Art school of Tolstoy Scientist House in Odessa, culminating with my formal qualifications in engineering and food technology undertaken at the Ukrainian University, a diploma finally completed at UTS in Australia, followed by further studies in Marketing and Philosophy at Sydney University. 

I worked in qualitative and quantitative  research with a focus on brand and new product developments, business analysis, logistics, consumer trends, innovations and food industries where I created partnerships with multiple FMCG brands including, but not limited to: Sanitarium, Kellogg’s, Arnott’s, and Nestlé Australia. With this experience under my belt, I became a founding member of the Australian chapter of the International Qualitative Research Association, which led to opportunities to speak at many local and international conferences.

With my research and participation in partnerships with these FMCG brands, I realised the issue of reduced wellbeing and sustainability in society. Furthermore, I always believed in ongoing education and never giving up on my dreams no matter what. I've learnt from Nelson Mandela - " Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” I was so desperate to utilise my personal experiences by losing my grandmother to malnutrition at 57 years old shortly after the 2nd World War. Seeing a global increase in obesity all around the world (with WHO stating that 41 million children under 5 are currently obese), instilling pure eating habits and creating an understanding about seasonal eating & living benefits to maintain healthy soil and save our environment was imperative.

This led to the creation of the Be SEEDsational campaign.

Be SEEDsational

This campaign targets children, families and educators, getting younger generations to pass on what they’ve learnt to older generations. By doing so, I can help people from all walks of life get involved in the health movement while ensuring the next generation is ready to care for their own wellbeing and our planet’s.

The aim of the Be SEEDsational Campaign was clear, however I knew that I needed a way in which I could connect on a deeper level with my intended audience.

The Seasonal Warriors

The Seasonal Warriors book series, which is a multilingual publication aiming to provide accessible education to children and families about the benefits of healthier eating and eating food that is in season, allowed me to spread positive messages towards children while giving them the freedom to share that with their families. Through this, I hope to act on my research into the food industry and motivate people to become healthier and happier.

Be SEEDsational also encourages and facilitates businesses across a range of industries, to address both local health outcomes for Australians, and global issues such as food availability, sustainability, and food wastage.

My commitment to contributing to society drives Be SEEDsational’s involvement with charities and community work. We visit schools, donate to charities, including The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, sponsor shopping centre activities and support a range of cultural events.

In addition to Be SEEDsational, I assess, train and mentor businesses large and small, supporting their growth and helping them make success of new and innovative business concepts. With more than 26 years of business experience, particularly in engineering, market research, marketing, brand management and business development, I find mentoring to be very rewarding. I enjoy empowering others and watching both individuals and businesses flourish.

Our Company

Be SEEDsational is a social enterprise focused on changing how the next generation approaches sustainability in everyday life. Through the use of edutainment solutions such as performances, books and multilingual mediums, Be SEEDsational teaches children values such as growing their own fruits, vegetables and herbs, healthy eating habits and managing food waste. Furthermore, through our interactive programs children and their families can experience the immense benefits and pleasures of a sustainable lifestyle as they continue to grow.

Be SEEDsational is a company focused on the future. We are here to make it brighter, and more sustainable.

Our Production

This magical musical brings sustainability and well-being to the stage when a struggling farmer meets four heroes seeking the knowledge to tackle global issues. Newly empowered by ‘Yummie’, the Guardian of Seedarious, the girls need help to stop the evil ‘Ecorrosion’, who wants to unravel the fabric of reality!

Bringing these beloved characters from the novels to life, this production encourages children to play their part in living sustainably through song, dance and MAGIC!

This fantastical show is the perfect mix of education and entertainment – EDUTAINMENT! – and is a magical adventure suitable for children and families.

Be SEEDsational acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of country throughout Australia and their connections to land, sea and community. We pay our respect to their elders past and present and extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples today.