Supporting Businesses

The Be SEEDsational campaign aims to support and uplift businesses who take an interest in caring for their customers' health and wellbeing.

How Can We Help?

The Be SEEDsational campaign is dedicated to helping the wider community to eat, live and feel healthier with the help of our resources, messages and events.  By partnering with Be SEEDsational, your business can take advantage of the support and benefits offered whilst taking care of your customers and increasing your positive brand image as an organisation focused on health and wellbeing.  Best of all, partnering with Be SEEDsational gives you the opportunity to tailor a support package to suit your own needs and business goals using tried and tested marketing, brand development and customer engagement techniques. 

By collaborating with Be SEEDsational in the form of a supporter, sponsor or partner organisation, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Access a wide network of educational institutions, such as schools and libraries in NSW

  • Participate in competitions held by Be SEEDsational to support schools and communities

  • Utilise business and marketing support in the form of:e-NewslettersArticles (both online and print)Menu developmentBranding development, improvement and supportSocial media and online content creationDirect support for strategic or operational analysis

Be SEEDsational can help you to:

  • Spread awareness of your organisation and achieve a wider customer reach

  • Improve company goodwill and increase customer base

  • Attract new customers within your target market and the broader community

  • Improve sales

  • Increase customer loyalty

  • Identify your unique point of difference

  • Analyse your customer trends and business needs

  • Increase marketing potential

  • Show your support as an organisation with a focus on health