Support Our Farmers

Farmers are the backbone of our country, providing us with fresh, local produce year-round.  Between floods, fires and droughts, our farmers are struggling, but in true Aussie spirit, when things get tough, we lend a hand.

Be SEEDsational & Lend a Hand

With one of the hottest, driest winters to date, and suffering the impacts of long-term drought, Australia has been heavily effected, leaving our farmers struggling to feed their animals, grow strong crops, and maintain their own livelihoods.  It's a sad reality that many farmers have been forced to face, but together, we can make a difference and lend a helping hand.

The Be SEEDsational campaign is supporting Australian farmers with our latest initiative, which aims to raise money to give back during this time of need.  To donate to this worthy cause, you can click one of the links below to process a donation of any amount and receive a free copy of our 'Yummy Tractors' eBook, or simply purchase a copy of the eBook as we will donate all the money raised from these sales in addition to the direct donations.

A donation of as little as $2 can contribute to saving livestock or feeding a farming family, and just $20 buys a small bale of hay and helps to transport it to a farmer in need.  Every cent counts, and by supporting Australian farmers, you help to ensure that fresh produce is readily available, accessible and affordable for you and your family.

Ready to Donate?

Add one or more of the options below to your shopping cart and check out to process your donation.  Your free, downloadable copy of the 'Yummy Tractors' eBook will be emailed to you after you check out.  If you have any issues with this process or if you make a donation and do not receive the eBook, please do not hesitate to Contact Us for support.

Donations will be sent in full to 'Buy a Bale', a campaign set up by the charity, Rural Aid. Be SEEDsational is authorised to collect donations on behalf of Rural Aid Ltd. from 08/06/2023 until 08/06/2024 and deposit all collected funds to Rural Aid Ltd. within this time period. Please note that donations of $2 or greater are tax deductible in Australia.

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5% of all sales from Yummie's Marketplace merchandise go to the Buy a Bale campaign.