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Educational Conference 

Subject-Specific Learning VR Programs

Mindflight7's Virtual Reality technology allows students to explore various subjects in a fun and interactive way. From art to science, students can experience a whole new level of learning.

Career Guidance and Exploration

Mindflight7 provides career guidance to students by offering them immersive experiences in different career paths. This way, students can explore various career options and make informed decisions.

Innovative Learning Solutions

MindflightVR technology offers innovative learning solutions that make education fun and engaging. With Mindflight7, students can experience a whole new way of learning.

Collaboration with Educators

We work closely with educators to provide learning experiences that meet the needs of their students and align with the curriculum. Our goal is to make learning more accessible and effective for everyone.


Sessions run by our team, ranging from career exploration flights to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths) flights. With flights catered to both secondary and primary students, Mindflight7's incursions have something to offer for every school's needs. 

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